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S100 Leather Balm 250ml


Intense protection against moisture and ageing

  • High-quality nutrients (e.g. jojoba oil) deeply penetrate the leather and help keep it soft, supple and resistant

  • Natural bees wax provides long-term protection against moisture on the surface

  • It is absorbed quickly and without residue, thus keeping dirt adhesion to a minimum

  • Excellent colour restoration without greasy shine, making it suitable for matte leather

  • Maintains the breathability of climate membranes (confirmed by certificates)

  • Lagervare





The success of Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH confirms that innovative thinking and quality awareness give rise to products with an excellent market position. A continuous innovation process is central to surviving the competitive global field of premium product groups. The guiding principle "If you stop getting better, you stop being good" will continue to have a decisive influence on all product development and activities for our company going forward.


Our business units

The premium care products for automobiles and two-wheelers from our Consumer business segment are designed to offer the customer the best result with the least amount of work. Reliable and high performance results have ensured for many years that the products P21S, CW1:100 and S100, remain market leaders in the segments of car and motorbike care. Exclusive deliveries, to luxury automobile brands, such as the "Porsche" company, numerous test victories and awards confirm the success of our concept.
Our goal is to discover existing market gaps and to develop the appropriate technological product solutions. Our successful individual brand concept will continue with the aim of achieving quality and market leadership in other niche markets or creating new markets.
Since its foundation in 1990, our division has developed into a market and innovation leader as a supplier of cleaning media and processes for electronics manufacturing and precision parts cleaning. Close scientific cooperation with renowned universities and extensive investments in research & development continue to guarantee state-of-the-art technology.
Zestron's primary goal is to offer customers worldwide cleaning chemicals, as well as complete processes in which all factors are optimally coordinated by our team. For this reason, six technical centres with attached analytical facilities have been established worldwide, which offer the possibility of carrying out cleaning tests under field conditions. In addition, the Zestron Academy, a leading knowledge and competence platform for electronics cleaning, was created.

Our quality promise/our philosophy

Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie Gmbh has the goal of exclusively bringing new problem solutions to the market or significantly improving existing products. Consistent implementation of this philosophy results in innovative concepts and superior products.

Our competence & innovations

For over 45 years we have been producing highly effective & innovative care & cleaning products for cars, motorbikes & bicycles. With numerous entities creating and promoting special problem solutions, we are one of the leading manufacturers in the fields of premium care for cars and two-wheelers as well as precision cleaning for the high-tech industry.

Our research

We are among the pioneers in technical reseach and development. To date, over 40 patents, numerous test victories and awards confirm the success of our continuous research work. Our corporate philosophy ensures a continuous product-improvement process and, thus, creates added value for the customer.

Our responsibility

Since the founding of our company, the ecological orientation has become a primary focus in our work. We ensure that no chemical reaction is generated in the manufacturing process of our products, enabling instead a pure mixing of raw materials without emitting waste to the water, air or soil. Our research focuses using sustainable biodegradable raw materials in order to avoid hazards to humans and nature, and we strictly implement current environmental and safety standards.

Since 1995, our company has been ISO 9001 certified and our production operates according to ISO 14000 guidelines. This guarantees consistently high quality and environmentally friendly work processes. Therefore, from product development to final execution, we enact environmentally friendly, efficient technologies and processes.


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